Kevin Feige produced Star Wars for Michael Waldron to decide – Deadline

Kevin Feige produced Star Wars for Michael Waldron to decide - Deadline

Exclusive: After writing Doctor strange in the multiverse of insanity He serves as lead writer and executive producer on the upcoming Disney Plus series Loki, Michael Waldron Looking forward to staying in business with Walt Disney Studios in a big way. Sources tell that a deadline was set for Waldron to write the star Wars Feature film Kevin Figi, Marvel Studios President and Chief Creative Officer, Marvel, will develop and produce for Lucasfilm and Disney. This is just one part of the last deal that Waldron signed with the studios that will keep him in business with Disney for some time.

Disney declined to comment.

Besides writing this new star Wars Film, the deal is also expected to return Waldron in some capacity for its second season of Loki. Not only are deals scarce at studios, but it clearly shows just how much Disney, Marvel and Lucasfilm believe in Waldron’s going forward, and it definitely should open doors for years to come and many more iconic properties.

This is the first news about Feige star Wars A movie since the project was first rumored in fall 2019. Lucasfilm recently announced several films on Disney’s Investor Day, including Rogue Squadron With Patty Jenkins, but that wasn’t one of them.

The project was popularized for the first time after a success Avengers: Endgame And before launch Star Wars: Rise of the Skywalker, The most recent installment in the trilogy of the franchise. Lucasfilm President Kathleen Kennedy was looking to start a new era of star Wars Given how much Feige loves the franchise and how adept he has navigated the Marvel Cinematic Universe over the past decade, he felt the perfect fit to lead a new feature on the much-loved IP.

Since Waldron was just brought in, there is no idea when this film would enter production or be shown in front of audiences, but Waldron’s association adds momentum to the film’s development.

As for Waldron, he is an Emmy Award-winning writer who has created and works as a lead writer and executive producer for Marvel and upcoming Disney +. Loki Series, and is currently writing Marvel’s Doctor strange in the multiverse of insanity By Sam Remy. He created and is executive producing next Starz wrestling heels. He started his career at Adult Swim’s Rick and Morty He won an Emmy Award for his work as a writer and producer in the fourth season.

It is represented by CAA and LBI Entertainment.

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