NASA shares a stunning image of a spiral galaxy with a well-defined central band and long arms

NASA shares a stunning image of a spiral galaxy with a well-defined central band and long arms

On January 15, NASA shared an enchanting image of the universe, the forbidden spiral galaxy, which is a spiral galaxy known for its central ribbon-shaped structure that is made up of countless stars. “At a distance of 67 million light-years, NGC 613 is an incredible example of a spiral stylized galaxy. The galaxy is easily distinguished as such due to its well-defined central stripe and its long arms, which rotate in a spiral form,” the space agency wrote, via its official Instagram website. About the kernel. ”

According to NASA, NGC 613 was first discovered in 1798 by German-English astronomer William Herschel. Amateur astronomer Victor Bossu observed the galaxy while testing a new camera on a telescope in 2016. An odd spot of light that originated from a supernova in the Southern Sculptor constellation caught his eye 67 million light-years away. Two stellar cores being blown from each other by a stream of dust. Later astronomers noted that NGC 613 was called the Forbidden Galaxy due to its well-defined central rod and long arms radiating from the core.

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[Barred spiral galaxy NGC 613  was obtained with the FORS1 and FORS2 multi-mode instruments. Credit: ESO]

It evolves into an elliptical galaxy

“As the surveys reveal, about two-thirds of spiral galaxies, including our Milky Way, contain a bar,” NASA said in a statement. The striking arms of a spiral galaxy affect the motions of stars, dust, and gas. The galaxy’s peanut-shaped bars pull the galactic material used to create stars into the nuclear disk, causing a lightning explosion. According to the School Observatory, the narrow spiral galaxy will develop into an elliptical galaxy. Lovers of the universe were astonished by the unique structure of the spiral galaxy with its bars, with a dizzying band of stars and gases. Someone wrote, “There must be life out there in such a vast universe.” Do we know why some galaxies actually have this shape? Another asked. “It is possible that there will be a Hungarian civil war going on somewhere out there,” the third joked.

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