Rescue dog rescues a blind bull from drowning in the pond

A dog was praised for saving a blind elderly bull from drowning in their family’s pool in Argentina on December 19.

A surveillance camera in the backyard of Julieta Verbo captured the moment her bull, Luna, was captured. Walk Close to the edge of the pool before accidentally falling into the water.

In a Facebook post, she said He said 14-year-old Luna has recently become “confused”.

However, when the family’s other dog, Caipirin, saw her mate slide in the water, she rushed for help.

Video footage of Verbo shows the little black dog walking back and forth along the pool as Luna paddles around as she tries to find her way out:

Luna is 14 years old, blind and in recent days she has started losing direction. Yesterday, walking down the yard, she fell into …

Posted by Juliette Verbo On Sunday 20 December 2020

On one occasion, Luna swam to the corner of the pool and Caipirin touched her nose. Moments later, she appeared to direct Pit bull Along the water’s edge towards the ladder.

Once Luna climbed the ladder, Caipirin grabbed her Luna’s collar and pulled her out of the water to safety. The bull lay on the yard for a moment before getting up and walking away.

Verbo said the two dogs became friends after her family rescued a caipirin on her vacation in Brazil when they saw her owners throw her out of the car window at a gas station.

“The two are inseparable. Luna is an old bull, and her mother will see him is 15 years old and lives with us too,” said Verbo.

“Desperate Caipirinha did everything she could to guide her to the stairs and help her out,” she said in her translated Facebook post, adding that she was the heroine of the family.

Firpo followers on social media expressed their happiness to see the rescue operation, calling it amazing and amazing.

“Oh my God, this is so precious and scary! Yes you have 2 special dogs there! Wow!” One person wrote.

“This is sweeter than ever !!!” Another user commented.

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