Twitch will update PogChamp’s emoji every 24 hours

The first streaming device to spotlight PogChamp is fighting game player Kenny “UnRoolie” McWild, Kotaku Notes. As such, it looks like Twitch will be using PogChamp to spotlight members of his community.

Twitch removed PogChamp earlier this week after the original face of the symbol, Ryan “Gootecks” Gutierrez called for more “civil unrest” after a woman died during violent protests on Capitol Hill. “We want the feeling and use of Pog to continue – its meaning is much greater than the person who was filmed or the image itself – and has a lot to do with Twitch culture,” Twitch Books at the time. “However, we cannot conscientiously continue to enable the use of the image.”

Before Twitch removed it completely, some banners blocked PogChamp from their own channels. Twitch viewers use emoticons to express excitement. Whenever something impressive happens on a popular broadcast, live chat fills Gutierrez’s face. From now on, you might see a completely different look on your screen when streaming He breaks the world record.

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