UPS driver fired after video showed racist sermon at the home of a Latino police officer

UPS driver fired after video showed racist sermon at the home of a Latino police officer

The UPS driver has been fired after a video clip emerged showing him making racist remarks about a Latin Client – Prof. Police officer – While stopping at Wisconsin Home for delivery, the company said.

A UPS driver was caught on videotaped walking into a Milwaukee home on December 17 and unleashing him before knocking or knocking the doorbell, according to footage posted online and shared Tuesday by Forward Latino, a nonprofit advocacy group.

“Now you don’t get f —— nothing because you’re a stupid mom ——,” the delivery person can be seen and heard saying as he writes on the box and sticks a piece of paper to the door. “I cannot read, write and speak English,” he adds.

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The package was supposed to go to a Milwaukee police officer, but it was never delivered, Latin Chief Forward Daryl Morin said during a press conference Tuesday.

The clip was released last month by the officer’s mother, Shirley Aviles, Who wrote: “This racist UPS driver was trying to deliver it to my son’s house. My son has a Ring Video System and he grabbed the UPS driver for the video saying this !!”

In a statement to Fox News on Wednesday, a UPS spokesman said the company has fired the delivery driver, “and there is no place in any society for racism, intolerance or hatred.”

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Maureen said that Ring Doorbell System automatically started recording a video for the visitor at 6:48 p.m. when motion was detected.

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“The door or the ring never knocks once,” said Maureen, “press the doorbell ring to get the person inside to try to deliver the package.”

“The only information this driver has got that could act as a catalyst for this deep hatred is the name on the packaging. Consignee, person [to] To whom the package was directed, they have not met this person in their lives. “

Maureen told Fox News that the recipient of the parcel was at home at the time.

Maureen said Wednesday that UPS has responded to Forward Latino’s multiple requests to have a chat about the matter, but has yet to contact the victim or his immediate family – only a distant relative. On the other hand, a UPS spokesperson said the company had “contacted the family to offer our deepest apologies” when they learned of the incident on December 18th.

Forward Latino is asking for a meeting with UPS officials and, among other things, for the company to donate money to a suitable donor as a “goodwill act”.

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