WandaVision Review: Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany add more power to Disney +

WandaVision Review: Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany add more power to Disney +

The first three episodes of the nine-part series proved stingy with important clues, so fans must be warned ahead of time to join the ride. The satirical frame – setting the duo central to old-fashioned comedy series – would also resonate more with an audience able to appreciate how director Matt Shackman and lead writer Jack Schaeffer meticulously replicated them, unless the kids weaned on shows like “Dyke Show” and “Bewitched” and they will receive visual masks for married couples in separate families.

Fortunately, the most popular elements see the return of Elizabeth Olsen and Paul Bettany as Wanda and Vision, the scarlet witch and artificial robot whose unlikely love affair has carried from the pages of the Avengers comics to the screen.

It was reintroduced, somewhat shockingly, in a black and white comic episode, reflecting a true fondness for the genre, and was portrayed with a spot performance by potential clients. The show features plenty of epistemic nods to early TV conventions – including canned laughter, Katherine Hahn as an inquisitive neighbor, and theme songs provided by Robert Lopez and Christine Anderson-Lopez, the couple who hosted all of those “frozen” tunes for the parents’ heads.

What’s really going on here, given where these moviegoers finally saw the Avengers? This is the core puzzle, the producing team is clearly in no hurry to uncover it. Patience becomes a virtue, with sitcom greetings while maintaining a watchful eye for malicious Marvel references and cleverly placed colored dolls, exposing potential cracks in the black and white shell.

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Meanwhile, the usual special effects fireworks are directed at more subtle victories in production design and costume – a TV show that turns decades of television history into an ally.

All in all, “WandaVision” is an generally impressive and smart communication card for Marvel Disney + broader strategy, After the high standard founded by Lucasfilm The Mandalorian. Unlike the smaller shows produced for ABC and Netflix, these projects are based on prominent names from movies – with what’s to come. “Loki” And “The Hawk and the Winter Soldier” – then display them in ways that emphasize personality on blockbuster cinematic motifs.

Of course, something structured like “WandaVision” can only be judged after you’ve reached the end of the trip. For starters, though, seeing the broadcast in the studio is pretty straightforward, even if it’s not the fate of these black and white heroes as well.

“WandaVision” premiered January 15 on Disney +.

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